Howie Payne has premiered The StandsSome Weekend Night (Remix)’ – a track originally from their 2004 debut album ‘All Years Leaving’ – which features lead guitar by Noel Gallagher.

“We recorded it at Olympic & Wheeler End, Oasis’ place, with Noel and Gem,” says Howie, who formed The Stands in Liverpool in 2002. “Noel played a killer solo on it, a really heavy, vicious thing… stunning! Somehow, for some reason long forgotten it got lost in the mix on the record, and the first half never even made it on at all, so I’m properly happy to be able to fix that on this version. I played him the new remix version the other day and he was well into it. ’Some Weekend Night’ was always one of my favourite tunes, the main riff is just dynamite. The Coral guys once told me they used it as the inspiration for riff on their tune ‘The Sorrow or The Song’ which is a very cool song, and not being short of killer riffs themselves anyway, was a big compliment.”

Some Weekend Night (Remix)’ is taken from ‘The Stands Recordings 2003-2005’, a collection of 3 vinyl LPs released 23rd June on Full Stack Recordings. The first two records feature alternate, rare, original, remixed and unreleased versions of tracks spanning 2003 – 2005, while the third features a whole host of Howie Payne’s unreleased demos. Curated and remixed by Howie, the LPs are remastered and presented on coloured, heavyweight vinyl with new sleevenotes, which detail the incredible journey of The Stands.

With the release of The Stands Recordings 20032005, the time has now come to celebrate this most special of Liverpool bands.

Click here to listen to the track and let us know what you think….


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