Ben Drew aka Plan B has revealed his directorial debut trailer for ‘Ill Manors‘. Ben has written and directed his debut film, which is set for release on 6th June.

The film is set in Forest Gate, London and mainly revolves around four characters. It has reportedly be in production for three years and is partly based on Ben’s life.


When asked about Ill Manors, Ben replied “I was inexperienced and didn’t have a lot of money, and I guess some people didn’t like the fact I was making a film. I never went to film school, I didn’t know the technical terms for films, so there was a lot of prejudice towards me. But then there was some people that really believed in my vision and gave me all the support I needed. So I’m glad the film was made the way it was, because the experience I’ve gained from it has been invaluable. I feel like I’ve been making films for many years now.”

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think !!!



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