Rebecca Ferguson yesterday announced that she will be suing her former Management Team on Twitter when describing them as Vile after forcing her to work in Bad Conditions.

Its believed that Rebecca has already sacked the Management Team involved and is now planing to take things to Court.

She first posted on Twitter stating that her Management Team stalked her Twitter after forcing her work after collapsing between interviews.

Rebecca posted numerous message on on her Twitter yesterday about the issue. Read the Tweets below…

“Resorting to stalking my twitter the same people that watched me collapse … And gave me a can of coke and said now go do your interview”

“The same people that worked me so much I collapsed and had to say stop!!! I need to see my children you need to give me time off vile!!!! “

“Was so exhausted I couldn’t physically walk on my own but was still told I had to work!!! ‪#vile”

“See you in court!!! ‪#greedyvermon”

“Be nice to have a nice new responsible caring management team!! Who care for me and my childrens well being ‪#seeyouincourt‬!!!”


We seriously hope Rebecca finds a new Management Team that know how to treat their clients well and also get the work done correctly. We will follow this Story and keep you guys updated.


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