Ever since N-Dubz announced a break, fans have been urging Tulisa and Dappy to put their differences aside and make up.

Well fans appear to have been granted their wish after X Factor Judge Tulisa tweeted a picture of her and Dappy together in Ibiza. If anything the pictures will only confirm how close the two cousins really are and family means alot to them both.

Fans who follow the band on Twitter will know that Dappy jetted to Ibiza to film the video for his new single ‘Come With Me’ and Tulisa was in Ibiza for a gig.

The pair have been known for feuding since the split with Dappy admitting earlier this year that he hadn’t spoke to Tulisa and Fazer since the band announced the break. Although the band are currently taking a break and pursuing solo projects, they are still very much together. Fazer has been heavily involved with the production of Tulisa’s debut album as well as tracks for Dappy’s debut album.



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